Normative Documents

  1. Academic council
  2. Anti-corruption program
  3. Regulations on the quality of education
  4. Organization of the educational process
  5. Regulations on the procedure for training applicants – doctors of philosophy
  6. Regulations on the system of prevention and detection of academic plagiarism
  7. Regulations on pedagogical practice
  8. Regulations on the procedure and conditions for electing disciplines
  9. Regulations about qualification development and training scientific and pedagogical workers
  10. Regulations on current and semester control of learning
  11. Regulations about educational and methodological complexes of disciplines
  12. Code of academic integrity
  13. Regulations about the project and speciality provision groups
  14. Regulations about the organization of inclusive learning persons with special educational needs
  15. Regulations on settlement of conflict situations
  16. Regulations on definitions, payments and amounts scholarship provision graduates of higher education
  17. Regulations on information support of web resources
  18. Regulations about qualification development and training scientific and scientific and pedagogical workers
  19. Regulations about the psychological service
  20. Code of Ethics
  21. Code safe educational environment
  22. Regulations about one-time specialized scientific councils
  23. Development strategy for 2021-2030
  24. Regulations on the procedure for recognition of learning results, received in non-formal and informal education
  25. Regulations about the Council of Young Scientists
  26. Regulations obout the Council of Employers