About activities of the Council of Young Scientists

The training of scientific personnel is carried out through the graduate study of the Institute and research. Currently, there are 23 postgraduate students in postgraduate institutions. The scientific guide for the training of scientific personnel through postgraduate studies in 2020 is carried out by 8 doctors and 6 PhDs.

There is a high degree of defense of dissertations by graduate students and applicants of the Institute. Thus, in 2012, 9 postgraduate students of the Institute defended their PhD theses, in 2013 – 9, in 2014 – 4, in 2015 – defended 12 PhD and 1 doctoral dissertation, in 2016 – 6 PhD and 1 Ph.D. dissertations, in 2017 – 2 PhD theses, in 2018 – 2 PhD and 2 doctoral theses, in 2019 – 1 PhD and 2 doctoral theses, in 2020, 3 postgraduate students of the Institute are preparing for defense.

The volume of training of scientific personnel through postgraduate studies of the institution is sufficient for the timely updating of the potential of higher qualification personnel for the purpose of their further work at the Institute.

The conditions for scientific training were created. The scientific units are provided with highly qualified researchers for conducting scientific guidance and scientific and methodological assistance in the implementation of individual plans for the preparation of graduate students. As of 01.03.2020, 64 researchers have been employed at the Institute, including: 13 Doctors of Agriculture Sciences, of which three are corresponding members of NAAS and 33 candidates of agricultural science. of sciences.

Pursuant to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1428 dated 15.11.2019, the Specialized Scientific Council D 67.379.01 was established at the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the right to accept and defend the dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Agricultural Sciences in specialty 06.01 .02 “Agricultural Land Reclamation” and 06.01.05 “Selection and Seed Production”.

We invite postgraduate students and applicants to defend the dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of agricultural sciences, specialty 06.01.02 “Agricultural land reclamation” and 06.01.05 “Selection and seed production”.

The Institute operates an accredited analytical research laboratory, which performs soil and plant analyzes to determine soil fertility rates, quality of crop products and technological indicators of grain yield.

An Advisory Group of Doctors on the provision of methodological and practical assistance to graduate students and young scientists in drawing up research schemes, preparing scientific publications and PhD theses is constantly in operation. It is headed by a chief research associate, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences. Sciences Goloborodko SP

Orders are formed annually and scholars are sent for advanced training. Favorable conditions for young scientists of the Institute are being created. According to the decision of the Academic Council, the employees who receive the diploma of the candidate of agricultural science. Sciences, if possible, transferred to the post of senior researcher, and graduates of postgraduate study of any form of study – enlisted in the post of researcher.

In order to enhance the scientific potential, measures are being worked out (providing housing, promising scientific work) for the detention of young specialists at the Institute after graduation. The meetings of the Academic Council periodically consider the issues of providing laboratories with high-quality specialists in priority areas. Ongoing work is being done to rejuvenate the team at the expense of graduate students and agricultural universities.

The Institute twice a year publishes the Interagency thematic scientific collection «Irrigated agriculture», which is included in the list of professional publications of Ukraine in the field of agricultural sciences. In 2017, over 20 articles by young scientists and graduate students of the Institute were published in the 67th issue of the collection. In addition, abstracts of graduate and young scientists’ reports are published in the proceedings of the scientific and practical conferences held by the institution.

Graduate competitions are held annually for the best conduct of experiments and the development of the methodology of research. Postgraduate courses were organized for the preparation of the candidate exams in the preparation of dissertation papers. The Institute shall, if possible, provide financial assistance to full-time postgraduate students by saving scholarships from the general budget fund.