Guarantor of the Educational and Scientific Program

Guarantor of the educational and scientific program
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Scientific and pedagogical experience – 26 years, has more than 630 scientific works in the field of “Agronomy”, including 12 in Scopus and Web of Science, heads a scientific school, under the guidance of 1 doctor and 3 agricultural candidates are defended.

Type of diploma and scope of the program in the specialty 201 “Agronomy” Doctor of Philosophy,
4 academic years, 48 ECTS credits.
License Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated July 8, 2016 № 816
Program level QF for EHEA – third cycle, EQF for LLL – level 8, NRC of Ukraine – level 9

The purpose of the educational and scientific program is to train highly qualified doctors of philosophy for the agronomic industry, able to solve the most important problems of the industry, independently organize and perform research at world standards and carry out scientific and pedagogical activities in scientific institutions and universities of Ukraine and abroad.

The uniqueness of the Educational and Scientific Program “Agronomy” is based on the uniqueness of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture NAAS, which is the only scientific institution NAAS, which carries out its research activities in difficult climatic conditions of risky agriculture in southern Ukraine: high sum of active air temperatures during the growing season, insufficient amount of natural moisture for the development and growth of crops, 8 out of 10 years are dry, frequent dry winds and dust storms, etc. Fundamental and applied research of scientists of the Institute is aimed at the development of land reclamation, development of innovative technologies for growing crops adapted to regional conditions and irrigation regimes and methods of watering plants, reclamation restoration and preservation of soil fertility, creation of high-yielding varieties and hybrids for irrigation , systems of cultivation and protection of plants, etc. ONP training of highly qualified doctors of philosophy in the specialty “Agronomy” was created for the purpose of fundamental practical and scientific training of applicants – doctors of philosophy for the agricultural sector of economy and irrigated agriculture, reclamation, crop production, selection and seed production. to carry out complex specialized tasks of scientific, educational and practical activity, to carry out interdisciplinary scientific researches, to interact with the scientific community of Ukraine and the world for integration of education and science and world scientific space through the internationalization of the educational and scientific process.

Orientation of the program. Providing theoretical, practical and scientific training of highly qualified personnel receiving innovative knowledge to perform research in the fields of agronomy, capable of independent basic and applied research aimed at creating new varieties and hybrids, efficient use of land and water potential of the South Steppe of Ukraine, biologization of technologies, ecologization, optimization of plant protection systems, fertilizers, tillage, irrigation regimes and spillways, biotechnological methods, methods of analysis that have wide practical application.

Program focus. The program focuses on training highly qualified specialists capable of effectively solving scientific and practical issues in modern agronomy on the basis of innovative developments, conducting research that requires fundamental and interdisciplinary knowledge, creative thinking, skills in modern research equipment, as well as international cooperation.