The Institute of Irrigated Agriculture The Institute of Irrigated Agriculture is a leading scientific-research establishment of the South, which is working on the solving of fundamental and applied tasks about conducting agriculture at the irrigated and non-irrigated lands
Director of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the NAAS Vozhehova Raisa Anatoliivna – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Honored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine.

According to the Order of the Presidium of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine of June 30, 2010 Raisa Anatoliivna leads the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture. Vozhehova R.A. was appointed to the Head of the Scientific Support Center of Agricultural production in Kherson region.

In 2018, the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the NAAS, in fruitful cooperation with the Nikolaev National Agrarian University and other scientific institutions, higher education institutions and commercial agribusinesses, created a training and production consortium "Southern". The Consortium undertakes comprehensive research on the development of innovative farming technologies. cultures, their introduction into the educational process and production.

Direction of activity

Direction of activity of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the NAAS


rationale of the efficient nature management and soil fertility and environment conservation

Working out

and introduction of new systems of irrigated and non-irrigated agriculture, adapted to drought conditions of the Zone


and wide production mastering of the modern crops cultivation technologies, directed on the productivity increase and the maximum use of the bioclimatic Zone potential

Setting up

the organizational and economic mechanisms of management at the irrigated lands and its adaptation to social-oriented market relations

Scientifically proved

conduction of the primary and elite seed-growing of the zoned varieties of cereal, leguminous, fodder, vegetable, industrial crops, perennial herbs and potato


and training of the agricultural specialists


and consulting support of the regional producers


and wide industrial development of modern technologies for growing crops

Our awards

Working collective of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS was awarded with: Diploma and Medal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (No. 25571 dated 01 of October, 2014) for the considerable input into development of the native agrarian science, effective use of the irrigated lands, improvement of the energy- and ecology-safe cultivation technologies, application of the scientific achievements in production; Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (No. 1727 dated 09 of December, 2015) for the considerable input into development of the native agrarian science in the irrigated agriculture branch, application of the scientific achievements in agro-industrial production and training of the high-qualified specialists; International Certificate “EXPORTER OF THE YEAR” and Medal “IMOPRT EXPORT AWARD” by the results of the All-state enterprises rating of Ukraine in the sphere of the external economic activities; National Award “Golden Symbol of Quality” of the Assembly of Business Circles; Award and Certificate “ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards 2017” for the considerable practical achievements in the sphere of the quality management.

Our purpose is to work out the sown areas structure and crop rotations for agricultural formations of the different specialization situated in the irrigated zone of Ukraine; to applicate energy-safe, soil-protective tillage methods for obtaining the ecology-pure production; to open crops varieties and hybrids potential. At the Institute you can get consultative services and recommendations on the cultivation technologies of all the crops in the irrigated and non-irrigated conditions.
There is an accredited Laboratory of Analytical Studies, where you can get services in agrochemical soil analysis, soil analysis on the microorganisms content, technological grain analysis, biochemical composition of the agricultural products. The elite seed material of winter wheat, winter barley, soybean, corn, alfalfa, potato, rape is sold.
The recreation center "Naukovets" is functioning for a long time at the Institute, where everyone can spend a holiday staying at the comfortable houses at the Azov seaside.

Everyone is welcome to collaboration with purpose to create a strong scientific base in the agricultural sphere of the Steppe Zone and Ukraine in general!