Working programs

Disciplines of general training

Philosophy: 20162019;

Methods of research and organization of dissertation preparation: 20192020;

Foreign Language: 20162019.

Disciplines of professional training

Information technologies in agronomy: 20192020;

Scientific bases of modern agricultural production: 20192020;

Management of scientific projects: 20192020;

Intensive farming systems: 20192020;

Pedagogy of high school: 20192020.

Selective disciplines

Assessment of soil quality: 20192020;

Agricultural reclamation: 20192020;

Breeding and seed production: 20192020;

Plant growing: 20192020;

Modern technologies in agriculture: 20192020;

Special selection: 20192020;

Ecological safety and efficiency of agricultural land use appointment: 20192020;

Biotechnology in crop production: 20192020